Matthew Golem

Violist - Instructor - Photographer

 upcoming performances


Williams Three Pieces from Schindler’s List, Bethany Bergman, violin

Demuynck The Other (world première), Ariel Harwood-Jones, Soprano, Janaka Welihinda, Baritone

Mendelssohn Symphony #3 Scottish

25 May, Oakville Chamber Orchestra, Shaarei Beth-El Synagague
26 May, Oakville Chamber Orchestra, St. Simon’s Anglican, 1450 Litchfield Rd.

past performances


1 December, Summerhill Orchestra, Church of the Messiah (240 Avenue Rd at Dupont), 8PM


21 January, Temperance Hall, Sharon, Ontario - Soloist, Ecstatic Dance by Life Life Colourfully

28 January, SONY Centre, Toronto, Dariush - String Orchestra

11 February, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

25 March, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

29 April, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

27 May, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

22 July, Private Ensemble Performance

23 July, Private Club, Solo Performance

30 July, Private Club, Solo Performance

13 Aug, Private Club, Solo Performance

20 Aug, Private Club, Solo Performance

8 September, Private Ensemble Performance



11 May, King Edward Hotel, Toronto, String Quartet - Private Event

17 June, Marriott Hotel Suites, Vaughan, Soloist - Public arts evening Shadowpath Theatre

06 July, Old Town Hall, Newmarket, Ontario, String Quartet (Private Event)

23 August - Private Club, Sharon, Ontario, Soloist

24 September - Private Residence, Newmarket, Ontario, Solo Performance, Wigs Off Courtly

15 October, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

28 October, Newmarket Public Library, Soloist - Public arts evening Shadowpath Theatre

5 November, Aeolian Hall, London, Ontario Marty Kolls and Miranda Mulholland, with the Borderlands Ensemble

19 November, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

24 November, East Thirty Six, Toronto, Private Function, Tessera Strings

10 December, Trinity Anglican Church, Aurora, Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir

13 December, Calvin Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir

17 December, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra

18 December, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Principal Viola, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra



28 November - Symphony Salon, Tokyo - Soloist and chamber musician

05 September - Symphony Salon, Tokyo - Soloist and chamber musician

24 April - Barbara, Yoyogi, Tokyo - Ice Skating

18 January - Kinoto, Shibuya, Tokyo - Ice Skating


23 December - Symphony Salon, Tokyo - Soloist and chamber musician

14 September - Benten, Shin-Nakano, Tokyo - Ice Skating

28 June - Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo - Ice Skating 


16 November - Lighthouse, Kokubunji, Tokyo - Acoustic Fundraiser

15 September - What the Dickens, Ebisu, Tokyo - "NormAid" Acoustic Fundraiser

24 May - Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo - Ice Skating

12 Jan - Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo - Ice Skating


23 December - A.A. Company, Tachikawa, Tokyo - Ice Skating

27 October - Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo - Ice Skating, DEBUT, Electro Pop Rock


22 July - Casalmaggiore Country Club, Casalmaggiore, Italy

17 July - Auditorium Santa Croce, Casalmaggiore, Italy

09 July - Auditorium Santa Croce, Casalmaggiore, Italy

25 May - Montréal, Pollack Hall, McGill University: Graduating Master's Viola Recital

14 February -  Montréal, Divan Orange, Leiderwolfe : Valentines Extraviganza


10 + 11 June -  Toronto + Waterloo NUMUS Quadraphonics presentation: Penderecki, Lafayette, Rocca and Sirius String Quartets

05 November - Montréal, Redpath Hall, McGill University, Master's Viola Recital

13 August - Banff Centre, Banff, Albert: Mozart’s Die Zauberflote

04 July - Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta: St. George’s Concert: Viola Soloist


27 March 2004 - Von Kuster Hall, London, Ontario, UWO Faculty of Music: Graduating Viola Recital


29 March - Von Kuster Hall, London, Ontario, UWO Faculty of Music: Viola Recital


If I Have You - Kristen T. Clark

String lines belong to Matthew Golem.

This track intended for Kristen Clark’s ears, only. Matthew would love to record this in a studio at some point! :)

Have fun, Kristen.