Matthew Golem

Violist - Instructor - Photographer

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Portable Studio

Having a portable studio makes it possible to take a professionally lit image in nearly any location. Busy artists are challenged by tight schedules and little shared free time in the case of groups. This option makes it possible for me to come to your rehearsal or meeting to capture your images in privacy.

Model: Monica Hair Makeup:

Model: Monica
Hair Makeup:

Professional Studio

Having a photo session in a professional studio is an experience you'll never regret. Access to a wide range of lighting, professional make-up with facilities you'd expect all contribute to a positive experience. For that important shot, consider booking a professional studio session.

Ken, Tokyo.

Ken, Tokyo.

Documentary Photography

Sometimes the most magical moments are captured during a performance. I am available for documentary sessions and have a lot of experience catching artists at their best. Difficult lighting situations are challenges I embrace.

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Group Photography

Sometimes getting busy people together in one moment is challenging. I offer a group portrait option that allows you to have individual people have their photos taken at different times and put together afterwards. Please ask about this package.


My interest in photography had it's beginning in the late 90s. Since 1999 starting with film, I have been capturing musicians and creating portraits in London, Montréal and Tokyo. When on vacation, I like to capture the little details people often miss and occasionally take my pinhole camera along with me to slow down the photography process. I regularly attend photography workshops to improve my interest in off camera flash and studio photography. For studio portraits, I use a professional DSLR body, and a combination of reflectors and wireless lights. Most of the work in photography is planning, done before the image is created and then during the processing afterwards. While natural light is a magical light source, weather doesn't always co-operate; especially in Canada. During both of my performance degrees, I got lucky most of the time. Today, I have a lot of respect for professional musicians' time and lean towards indoor shoots, unless a special project calls for images captured on location. This ensures getting images done as planned and and ahead of schedule. Please get in touch with me about your next project needs. 


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If I Have You - Kristen T. Clark

String lines belong to Matthew Golem.

This track intended for Kristen Clark’s ears, only. Matthew would love to record this in a studio at some point! :)

Have fun, Kristen.